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Diseases of the Human Body, 6th Edition

Diseases of the Human Body 6th Edition PDF eBook

Book Description Gain insight on diseases and treatment options for better patient care! Explore human diseases and disorders…from a patient’s perspective! Join the generations of students who have relied on this popular text to introduce them to common human diseases and disorders. Its concise, well-organized approach makes learning about the conditions nearly

Hypertension and Cardiac Organ Damage

Hypertension and Cardiac Organ Damage PDF eBook

Book Description This book identifies the key determinants in the management of hypertensive outpatients with Cardiac Target Organ Damage. It sheds light on current international guidelines by directly applying them to six representative clinical cases that reflect situations frequently encountered during clinical routine rather than emergencies or rare occurrences. The book enables

Inpatient Cardiovascular Medicine

Inpatient Cardiovascular Medicine PDF eBook

Book Description The first book developed specifically for hospitalists managing the growing number of patients with cardiovascular disorders Cardiovascular disease is a major cause of hospitalization and mortality worldwide, and will account for approximately twenty million deaths in 2015. Due to this growing problem, many patients are being managed by non-cardiovascular physicians

Mental Disorders in Older Adults, 2nd Edition

Mental Disorders in Older Adults 2nd Edition PDF eBook

Book Description Illustrated with abundant clinical material, this book provides essential knowledge and skills for effective mental health practice with older adults. It demonstrates how to evaluate and treat frequently encountered clinical problems in this population, including dementias, mood and anxiety disorders, and paranoid symptoms. Strategies are presented for implementing psychosocial

Review of Clinical Anesthesia, 5th Edition

Review of Clinical Anesthesia 5th Edition PDF eBook

Book Description Keyed to the newly revised and updated Sixth Edition of Barash, Cullen, Stoelting, Cahalan and Stock's Clinical Anesthesia, this comprehensive review book is an excellent study tool for preparing for written and oral board exams. It contains over 1,000 questions following the format of the actual exams, with answers

Pathobiology of Pulmonary Disorders

Pathobiology of Pulmonary Disorders PDF eBook

Book Description Pulmonary disorders significantly contribute to the current level of disease burden. Effective disease management is essential for improving clinical outcomes and quality of life. This book highlights the issues involved with diagnosing and managing various pulmonary conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disorders, respiratory tract infections, including those developing