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ABC of Dermatology, 6th Edition

ABC of Dermatology, 6th Edition PDF eBook

Book Description ABC of Dermatology is a practical guide to identification, recognition, treatment and management of common dermatological conditions encountered within primary care, walk–in centres, and the emergency room and within patients admitted to hospital with medical/surgical conditions. Fully updated with new developments and treatments, this sixth edition provides expanded coverage of

Nail Surgery

Nail Surgery PDF eBook

Book Description A comprehensive practical guide to all types of nail surgery, including some cosmetic procedures, this is a master-class for those wishing to perform nail surgery, with clear descriptions of each stage involved and of any complications and how to deal with them. Recommended / Useful For This 1st Edition handbook of Nail

Fitzpatrick’s Color Atlas and Synopsis of Clinical Dermatology, 7th Edition

Fitzpatrick's Color Atlas and Synopsis of Clinical Dermatology 7th Edition PDF eBook

Book Description This compact, diagnosis-speeding guide has virtually defined the field of dermatology for thousands of physicians, dermatology residents, and medical students across the globe. Spanning the entire spectrum of skin problems, it combines laser-precise color images of skinlesions with a concise summary outline of dermatologic disorders, along with the cutaneous

The Alopecias

The Alopecias PDF eBook

Book Description The Alopecias: Diagnosis and Treatments provides a practical answer to most diagnostic and therapeutic matters related to the different types of alopecia physicians may encounter in daily practice. It also presents a clear classification of all the types of alopecia. Among the topics covered are diffuse alopecia, traumatic alopecia, the

Imported Skin Diseases, 2nd Edition

Imported Skin Diseases, 2nd Edition PDF eBook

Book Description Global movement of people leads to the global movement of disease. International travel enables skin diseases to move around the world with increasing ease. Skin diseases transmitted through casual contact with people, animal vectors and a foreign environment are particularly prone to transport. Dermatologists need to recognize the signs