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Methods and Results of Liver Biopsy

Methods and Results of Liver Biopsy PDF eBook

Book Description This book primarily focuses on the methods as well as results of the process of liver biopsy. Liver biopsy is the process of obtaining a small piece of liver tissue and analyzing it in the laboratory. Liver biopsy may be used to examine a mass seen on images, diagnose lesser

Grading and Staging in Gastroenterology

Grading and Staging in Gastroenterology PDF eBook

Book Description Staging and grading are indispensable in reaching an adequate diagnosis, to determine disease severity, to choose an appropriate therapy, and to assure the best patient care and quality of life, but up to now no one source in gastroenterology has existed. Gastroenterologists, gastrointestinal surgeons, and fellows-in-training in gastroenterology will therefore

Pathology of Liver Diseases

Pathology of Liver Diseases PDF eBook

Book Description Pathology of Liver Diseases is a rapid reference consultation tool that uses both book and online material to present a whole range of liver disorders. The book emphasizes not only the pathology seen in biopsy and surgical material, but also the most pertinent clinical and laboratory findings including epidemiology,

Ultrasound-Guided Liver Surgery

Ultrasound-Guided Liver Surgery PDF eBook

About the Book Name of the Book: Ultrasound-Guided Liver Surgery: An Atlas. Edition:  1st, First. Authors / Editors: Guido Torzilli. eBook Format: PDF. Status: Free Download Links Available. Publisher: Springer. Genre: Medicine, Gastroenterology and Surgery. ISBN-10: 8847055091. ISBN-13: 978-8847055094. Language: English. Pages: 280 pages. eBook size: 31.4 MB. Book Description Ultrasound guidance of liver surgery is a very sophisticated approach that permits the performance of otherwise unfeasible operations, discloses the true extent of tumors, increases the indications

Upper Abdominal Surgery

Upper Abdominal Surgery PDF eBook Free Download

Upper Abdominal Surgery eBook PDF Free Download Surgery: Complications, Risks and Consequences Edited by Brendon J. Coventry Publisher: Springer     eBook Format: PDF     Size: 1.8 MB This Upper Abdominal Surgery: Complications, Risks and Consequences is edited by Brendon J. Coventry. This First Edition textbook of Upper Abdominal Surgery provides pertinent and concise procedure descriptions spanning benign

Liver Disorders

Liver Disorders PDF eBook Free Download

Liver Disorders eBook PDF Free Download A Point of Care Clinical Guide Edited by Kia Saeian and Reza Shaker Publisher: Springer     eBook Format: PDF     Size: 13.4 MB This Liver Disorders: A Point of Care Clinical Guide is edited by Kia Saeian and Reza Shaker. This First Edition textbook of Liver Disorders is a comprehensive and easy-to-access