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Rockwood and Green’s Fractures in Adults, 8th Edition

Rockwood and Green's Fractures in Adults 8th Edition PDF eBook

Book Description Need the go-to reference on adult bone and joint injuries? Get the definitive, two volume guide on fracture treatment, written by the world’s top orthopaedic surgeons: Rockwood and Green’s Fractures in Adults. This fully updated and expanded 8th edition offers up-to-the-minute research and recommendations from more than 80 leading

Biomechanics of the Upper Limbs 2nd Edition

Biomechanics of the Upper Limbs 2nd Edition PDF eBook

Book Description Biomechanics of the Upper Limbs: Mechanics, Modeling and Musculoskeletal Injuries, Second Edition offers vital information and tools to improve analysis of external forces and their effects on the human body. This can help ergonomists better understand job stressors and the role they play in the development of disorders, enabling

Atlas of Temporal Bone Surgery

Atlas of Temporal Bone Surgery PDF eBook

Book Description Beautifully illustrated and comprehensive, this must-have atlas guides readers through the delicate, high-risk surgical approaches they need to successfully manage pathology of the temporal bone, the most complex anatomic area in the human body. Each consistently organized chapter addresses a different technique, beginning with a clear definition of the approach

Sports Hip Injuries

Sports Hip Injuries PDF eBook

Book Description In the world of sports, hip injuries among an athletic population can be very difficult to diagnose and manage. That’s why Sports Hip Injuries: Diagnosis and Management is a comprehensive guide to diagnosing and managing sports hip injuries and hip preservation. Drs. Bryan Kelly, Asheesh Bedi, Chris Larson, and Eilish

Shoulder Arthroplasty

Shoulder Arthroplasty PDF eBook

Book Description Shoulder Arthroplasty: Complex Issues in the Primary and Revision Setting assembles the clinical knowledge of leading orthopedic surgeons treating patients with arthritic shoulders. The book presents practical approaches to surgically managing each type of arthritis, the challenges of revision surgery, and related complications during and following surgery. Chapters provide

Shoulder Fractures

Shoulder Fractures PDF eBook

Book Description From high impact energy injuries to fragility fractures in the elderly, the wide variability in shoulder fractures have made them simultaneously the most common and challenging of shoulder injuries. Based on the authors' extensive clinical and teaching experience, here is your complete guide to the management of fractures of