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Diseases of the Human Body, 6th Edition

Diseases of the Human Body 6th Edition PDF eBook

Book Description Gain insight on diseases and treatment options for better patient care! Explore human diseases and disorders…from a patient’s perspective! Join the generations of students who have relied on this popular text to introduce them to common human diseases and disorders. Its concise, well-organized approach makes learning about the conditions nearly

Pathobiology of Pulmonary Disorders

Pathobiology of Pulmonary Disorders PDF eBook

Book Description Pulmonary disorders significantly contribute to the current level of disease burden. Effective disease management is essential for improving clinical outcomes and quality of life. This book highlights the issues involved with diagnosing and managing various pulmonary conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disorders, respiratory tract infections, including those developing

Clinical and Diagnostic Virology

Clinical and Diagnostic Virology PDF eBook

Book Description This basic but comprehensive text is aimed at all healthcare professionals who need a clear understanding of medical virology. Written by two highly experienced virologists, the book is divided into five sections: 1) Individual viruses; 2) Other related agents; 3) Clinical syndromes; 4) Diagnostic techniques; 5) Patient management. The

Emergency Management of Infectious Diseases

Emergency Management of Infectious Diseases PDF eBook

' Book Description Infectious disease ranks only behind trauma in the prevalence of cases seen on a daily basis in the emergency room and takes lives from every culture and socioeconomic class. The changing epidemiology of infectious diseases is a considerable challenge to any physician, as acute, nearly eradicated, and tropical diseases

Atlas of Lymph Node Pathology

Atlas of Lymph Node Pathology PDF eBook

Book Description Atlas of Lymph Node Pathology reviews the histopathology of nodal diseases, illustrating the use of ancillary studies and includes concise discussions of pathogenesis, clinical settings and clinical significance of the pathologic diagnosis. The atlas features an overview of the benign reactive processes secondary to infectious, environmental or unknown insults,