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Asterion The Practical Handbook of Anatomy

Asterion The Practical Handbook of Anatomy

Asterion The Practical Handbook of Anatomy eBook PDF Free Download

Edited by Harishanker JS, Ajai Sasi and Avinash N

This is a comprehensive book of practical anatomy and is written in simple language with multiple photomicrographs, schematic diagrams, images of bones, radiographs, multiple tables and coloured illustrations. This book is both a theoretical and practical resource for the medical, dental and nursing students. The book is divided into seven chapters: histology, embryology, radiology, osteology, surface marking, spotters and discussion topics, and red alert. In the first chapter the authors have described about the basic epithelial types, the different tissues, organs, structures belonging to various parts of body and their cellular organization and typical identification features, their applied aspects and viva questions related to same. In the second chapter the most important embryological development processes and development of individual structures and organs of body are explained. The radiology chapter provides a clear picture of the basic radiological modalities currently in use with help of illustrated radiographs and a special emphasis has been given on the topic ‘how to read a chest radiograph: PA view’. The osteology chapter is basically an atlas of different bones of the body. The description about individual bone, its salient features, anatomical position, side determination is being given. Also a small section regarding ossification and medical and legal aspects are provided. In the surface marking chapter the surface anatomy of important structures and way to mark it are being given which includes structures of upper limb, lower limb, thorax, abdomen and pelvis, and head and neck. The various spotters which are commonly being kept for university practical and discussion topics are listed in chapter 6. The must study topics and diagrams for both theory exams and practical vivas are provided in red alert chapter.

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