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Ischemic Stroke Therapeutics

Ischemic Stroke Therapeutics

Ischemic Stroke Therapeutics eBook PDF Free Download

A Comprehensive Guide

Edited by Bruce Ovbiagele and Tanya N. Turan

This complete resource captures state-of-the-art strategies and the accelerated pace of discovery that is revolutionizing what is known about ischemic stroke and its treatment. Therapeutics for acute management, secondary prevention, recovery, rehabilitation, asymptomatic cerebral ischemia, and implementation of stroke systems of care are all discussed in this comprehensive yet practical guide. Chapters are authored by leading academicians with extensive clinical practice experience from all over the world and feature the scientific evidence behind prevailing therapeutic strategies for managing ischemic cerebrovascular disease. The specialist or general practitioner will gain critical knowledge in stroke management, current clinical challenges and promising new therapies under investigation.

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