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Pioneers of Medicine without A Nobel Prize

Pioneers of Medicine without A Nobel Prize eBook PDF Free Download

Pioneers of Medicine without A Nobel Prize eBook PDF Free Download

Edited by Gilbert Thompson

Publisher: Imperial College Press     eBook Format: PDF

This Pioneers of Medicine without A Nobel Prize is edited by Gilbert Thompson. This First Edition textbook brings together in one volume fifteen discoveries that have had a major impact upon medical science and the practice of medicine but where the scientists involved have not been awarded a Nobel Prize. Its aim is to publicize the achievements of these lesser-known heroes of our time and thereby inform and entertain the reader, whether medical student, professor or scientifically-minded layman.


Archibald E Garrod: The Founding Father of Biochemical Genetics (David J Galton)
Nikolai Anitschkow: The Birth of the Lipid Hypothesis of Atherosclerosis and Coronary Heart Disease (Daniel Steinberg)
Willem-Karel Dicke: The Role of Gluten in Coeliac Disease (Chris J J Mulder and Karel A Dicke)
Richard Doll: The Link Between Smoking and Lung Cancer (Tony Seed)
Albert Sabin: The Development of an Oral Poliovirus Vaccine (Derek R Smith and Peter A Leggat)
René Favaloro: Pioneer of Coronary Artery Surgery (Stephen Westaby)
Christiaan Barnard and Norman Shumway: The Heart Transplant Pioneers (Stephen Westaby and David Marais)
William Kouwenhoven and Paul Zoll: The Introduction of External Cardiac Massage, Defibrillators and Pacemakers (Max Lab)
Inge Edler and Carl Hellmuth Hertz: The Development of Ultrasound for Clinical Use (Bhavna Batohi and Paul S Sidhu)
Cyril Clarke, Ronald Finn, John Gorman, Vincent Freda and William Pollack: The Prevention of Rh Haemolytic Disease of the Newborn (David J Weatherall)
Herbert Boyer and Stanley Cohen: Recombinant DNA (Anne Soutar)
Harvey Alter and Michael Houghton: The Discovery of Hepatitis C and the Introduction of Screening to Prevent Its Transmission in Transfused Blood (Leonard B Seeff and Marc G Ghany)
Willem Kolff and Belding Scribner: The Development of Renal Haemodialysis (John Turney)
James Till and Ernest Mcculloch: The Discovery of Stem Cells (Joe Sornberger)
Akira Endo: The Discovery of Statins (Gilbert Thompson and Hiroshi Mabuchi)

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Pioneers of Medicine without A Nobel Prize eBook Free Download

Pioneers of Medicine without A Nobel Prize PDF Free Download

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